An Inexpensive Alternate to Silicone Scar Remedies

Silicone has rapidly grow to be the starchild of scar elimination solutions. Silcone is created from the combining of oxygen and silcon atoms. This component retains moisture and results in a protective barrier. The Food items and Drug Administration has permitted silicone in over-the-counter medicines as an antimicrobial, antifungal, soreness relieving and skin shielding component.

Notwithstanding, lots of OTC scar remedies comprise 5% silicone as the “lively ingredient”. The problem with these OTC medications is that a mere 50 % ounce of this therapy can cost between $20 to $35US.

Other kinds of silicone involve typical cosmetic components like cyclomethicone. Cyclomethicone is made use of in superior concentrations in hair treatment merchandise like hair glossers and frizz reducing serums. But not like pricey vials of scar serum, hair glossers may perhaps price a affordable $.50 to $2.00 per ounce.

Choice silicones at a realistic price

Solutions that have higher quantities of silicones consist of hair glossers manufactured by Proclaim, ic (Inter Mobile) and John Freida. What is actually much more, pretty much every hair care solution manufacturer has unveiled a generic frizz lowering gloss whose major component is a member of the silicone family members.

These products are simple to place due to the fact the components checklist will get started with things like cyclomethicone or dimethicone. Most silicone derived elements will have the “just one” ending.

How to get the most from silicone as a scar removing agent

When silicone is a exceptional skin protectant, some experts have contested it’s assert to fame as a scar eliminating agent. Undesirable effects from applying a silicone based mostly product or service to decrease the visual appearance of scars most probable will come from utilizing silicone in unproven ways.

For instance, most silicone reports are carried out on new wounds or modern burns. In other scenarios, the silicone is made use of beneath band-aids. So, if you want to use silicone on a two, 4 or five 12 months previous scar, you likely will not like the final results since your scar is concealed from the silicone by levels of useless pores and skin cells.

How silicone cuts down the visual appeal of scars

Here’s the situation- wounded skin, burned skin and band-aids allow for silicone to better penetrate and moisturize the skin. In point, just one theory goes that silicone is an ideal scar reducer simply just due to the fact it “hyper-moisturizes” the pores and skin.

Utilizing hair glossers for scar removal

So, if you are likely to use a silicone-family based hair glosser to address your scars, this is how to do it appropriate.

For scars on the facial area

      1. Cleanse your encounter

      2. Sleek a glycolic acid toner above your skin. You can come across these types of toners in drug stores now for much less than $8US. This step is essential due to the fact the glycolic acid will mildly “burn” the upper levels of the skin. This stage will enable the silicone to far better penetrate the skin, hyper-moisturize it and therefore diminish the appearance of the scar(s).

      3. Apply an almond-sized volume of silicone to your whole facial area. Reapply the silicon-dependent moisturizer two times day by day. Ideally, you would use a facial mist on your pores and skin in advance of implementing the silicone to strengthen the moisture amount of your pores and skin.

      4. Repeat steps a person as a result of three two times day-to-day, as soon as in the early morning and once at evening to decrease the scar’s physical appearance.

    Silicon-based hair glossers commonly will not go away you skin oily or clog your pores. In point, the hair glosser must be so easily absorbed by your pores and skin that with in just 15 minutes of software, there are no obvious traces of the moisturizer.

    For scars on the entire body

        1. Repeat measures a single and two from above. Use the glycolic toner only on the scar.

        2. Use the hair glosser to the total scar.

        3. Now place a band-support in excess of the scar.

        4. Repeat ways a person by three day-to-day right until the scar has diminished to your liking.


      You can also use hair glossers as a therapeutic moisturizer to drastically lessen your skin’s healing time after deep facial peels and increase the general beauty benefits of the treatment.

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