Shaving The Pubic Hair (For Gals)

The proper phrase is “Vulva” but I choose to connect with it “Vagina” so I will not confuse as well lots of folks. “Vagina” is the word of option for a woman’s non-public aspect, under no circumstances read any person including my OB/GYN refer it as Vulva… I wonder why “we” are scared to say “Vulva”..?? In any case, this posting will examine the correct way to shave the “Vagina” in order to avert people terrible razor bumps & limit ingrown hairs. I have heard a lot of ladies communicate about receiving unpleasant razor bumps a day or two soon after shaving, so I’m listed here to present you a very good way to avert or limit your likelihood of obtaining it. I experiment with my entire body a great deal so this is a shaving program that operates for me each and every time, and I hope it works for you as well!

Issues You Will Will need

(a) Brand name new shaving razor… a low-cost disposable razor is a No-No. (Make positive you devote in a good quality razor the ones with a number of blades and pivot heads are the very best because they give a smoother close shave)… Example of excellent makes are Venus Embrace, Schick Quattro, and so on.

(b) Pure Silk shaving product for ladies..Make guaranteed it states for “Delicate Skin”…

(c) AYATE washcloth… This will be applied for exfoliating lifeless pores and skin cells..

(d) Shaving oil

(e) EQUATE Unscented infant oil (hypoallergenic)..make absolutely sure it incorporates Vitamin E

(f) Thoroughly clean towel


(A) Trim your pubic hair (if it is too furry)..This will make shaving less complicated and decrease irritation down there.

(B) Just take a “Heat” shower or tub for at least 15minutes.

(C) Use an Ayate washcloth and unscented bathing soap to clean your non-public aspect. This will exfoliate the lifeless skin cells.

(D) Implement some shaving oil on your personal part… The razor will glide simpler and your pores and skin will stay moisturized all over the shaving system..Pretty essential!

(E) Utilize a generous total of shaving product… A abundant lather will secure your pores and skin from nasty nicks & cuts. (Just before applying the shaving cream, make sure your non-public aspect is Damp, Not soaking damp)… Large change!

(F) Employing a sharp razor, shave in downward motion. Make certain you rinse the razor just about every several strokes… Allowing for the razor to clog up will induce a catastrophe on your personal component.

(G) When you are finished shaving, rinse your personal component completely. Pat dry with a clean towel.

(H) Make guaranteed you moisturize the shaved space ideal just after patting dry. I use Equate unscented little one oil for this intent. Sure, you will be oily. Improved oily than itchy, correct? ******Stay away from making use of scented lotions, this will irritate your skin thus creating these terrible bumpy bumps****. Utilize on the external section Only!!!

A good friend of mine suggested “Flawless Ingrown Hair Serum” & “Bikini Zone Anti-bump Shave Gel” for preventing ingrown hairs & bumps. Hold it handy in case you have to have it.

(I) Stay clear of putting on panties for at least an hour. Also, avoid carrying limited fitted apparel (in particular denims) suitable after shaving… (I typically shave on my working day off so I just dress in a skirt or loose fitting shorts with no underwear for the relaxation of day). Every time your private aspect starts to truly feel dry, implement additional child oil on the External elements only. Dry personal portion = Itchy private element.

Final Be aware: Girls, if you want to go wholly bald down there I recommend you get a Brazillian Wax. Striving to shave off the pubic hairs absolutely can be dangerous simply because you may well cut your interior Vulva. Brazilian Wax also keeps you bald for some weeks and you don’t have to be concerned about razor bumps both.

A Swift Recap: I’m not in anyway boasting that this process will reduce bumps and ingrown hairs in absolutely everyone. This is just a shaving approach that functions for me so I decided to share it with anyone with hope that it will enable somebody else. Cheers!

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